Relationships, trust commitment, loyalty, why do these terms freak out people, especially millennials. I know we are surrounded by so many divorce, splitting, break ups cases. But above all we are all humans and no matter how much we deny it, we all crave for human touch/presence.  These phobias has become so called trend.

Relationships are like life unpredictable, exciting and scary at the same time. Relationship is perfect balance of destiny and efforts. If it is meant to be it will be but you have to show the universe that you want this to work for it to be ‘meant to be’.

1. It can never be always Unicorn and Rainbows

The first couple months/ weeks are called honeymoon period or a reason. It’s as simple as if you love someone you are going to argue/fight with that person. It is inevitable. Do you like yourself 24/7 of all 365 days?  Exactly how can you expect them to like you all the time, if it’s not even possible to like yourself? See! That’s the thing even if you that person doesn’t like you for some habits/ reasons. He/she comes back that’s what matters.

2. Put little efforts

Relationship is all about priority, what you choose, what is more important. Everyone’s busy. We all have something to do, somewhere to be. But even in your busy schedule you manage to spend little time with your loved ones, show that you really care about them.

We millennials can sneak some time to scroll social media but when it comes to spend time with family. We have 100 excuses ready for not to go. You have to remember human beings are mortal. They are not going to be here tomorrow. So, take your dad to movie, play badminton with mom, even if it’s cliché twin with them in family combo t-shirts.

3. Be in the other person’s shoes

How many times you thought you were wrong? None at all or max-to-max you can count on figure times. Do you know why? We are not ready to understand that even other person has his/her side of the story. Just because you are not patient enough to listen to his/her story doesn’t mean they are wrong. You can wrong too something. After all you are human too and Humans are the classic example of wrong doings. Say ‘sorry-thank you-I love you’ and give chance to other person to say ‘sorry-thank you-I love you’.

I especially wanna highlight brothers here, I know you care about your little sister and you are trying to protect her. It's great really, but let her be her be and don't stand in front of her, protect her by staying besides her. I know it's irritating but sometimes you have twin with her in cool matching bro sis t-shirts.

4. Parents sometimes can be wrong too

In Indian we have idolized our parents. They are like god for us, which is great we respect them. But along the line we forget they are humans too they are ought to make mistakes. We have done tones of mistakes and they understood it at least tried. So, you should too.

5. Communication

I know you think it’s overrated and uncool, because everyone says it, Communication is key. Trust me you’ll save yourself lot of trouble. In child’s word person has donut and candy. He offered you candy but you really want to eat donut. You can both endure the misery of person eating donut and eat your candy sulking or you can politely ask can I have donut please? You also have to remember he has right to deny it. But it’s okay at least you tried.

See! There is no science or 101 course in relationships. It’s subjective experience. It’s just that how bad you want to be with that person and is that person on same page as you. Extravagant things are cool but those little efforts you take for the person makes it more beautiful.

No matter how much you love the person never let go of your self respect all together. Taking step or two back for love is cool but letting other person walk all over you is not. It's called 'toxic' in millenial language.

In some relationships there are going to be some points where you have no idea where this all going, as I said relationship is the balance of destiny and efforts, do your efforts and let the destiny decide. Above of all It it’s meant to be it will be.

Stay Humble, Keep Loving.